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Traveling to Hawaii is on the mind of many travelers looking for an ideal vacation getaway. But what carriers fly to Hawaii and when is the best time to purchase Hawaii tickets on the airlines that serve the Aloha State? We’ll try to answer these questions and more here.

Which Airlines Sell Hawaii Tickets?

But let’s examine the airlines that fly to Hawaii to start. All of the major US legacy carriers service Hawaii, including, American Airlines, United Airlines and Delta Air Lines. There are even three regional carriers that operate flights between Hawaii and the US mainland, Hawaiian Airlines, Alaska Airlines and Allegiant airlines. Impressively, the list of international carriers serving Hawaii is growing. This now includes: Air Canada, Air China, Air New Zealand, All Nippon Airways, Asiana (South Korea), China Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, Fiji Airways, Japan Airlines, Jetstar (Australia), JIN Air (South Korea), Korean Airlines, Philippines Airlines, QANTAS (Australia) and Westjet (Canada).

What About Southwest?

There are even persistent rumors that Southwest Airlines will be joining the ranks of US carriers flying to Hawaii. But despite those ongoing rumors, Southwest still has not chosen to offer Hawaii tickets right now. Based on statements from the company, it may be several years before it flies to Hawaii.

Best Time to Travel to Hawaii

Generally, there three good times to travel to Hawaii. The first is after the year-end holiday season. The second is before and after summer. And the third is after the Thanksgiving holidays and before the Christmas. These times generally represent the periods where demand for flights to Hawaii is less compared to the peak travel periods. The other benefit is that inter island flights, hotel and rental car prices will also tend to be less during these times too. You can check out some of the best deal on Hawaii tickets and Hawaii vacation packages on our Panda ® Online website.

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