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Hawaii Helicopter Tours

View of Kauai from a Helicopter

A trip to Hawaii would be incomplete without exploring the beautiful depths and heights of these islands from the unique standpoint of a helicopter. Panda Travel ® teams with Blue Hawaiian Helicopter Tours to provide the most incomparable views of the islands. Using state of the art technology, Blue Hawaiian’s helicopters glide smoothly and quietly along with 60 square feet of panoramic glass for maximum visibility enabling you to take in the full spectrum of breathtaking landscapes below. Flights depart multiple times daily with varying prices and packages tailored for your preferred expedition. All the helicopters are fitted with business-class style seating and air conditioning for maximum comfort. The entirety of the flight is filmed and the footage is available for purchase after your journey, allowing your memories to last long after your Hawaiian vacation ends. For a glimpse at what you may see on your flight, browse the below island-by-island breakdown to get an idea what excursion is best for you.

Oahu Tours

A tourism and vacationing paradise, Oahu is Hawaii’s most popular island and has countless attractions best highlighted from the air. For those who want to closely see the sometimes life-threatening waves of the North Shore but don’t have the ability to surf them, the Blue Hawaiian Helicopter tours will take visitors right over the famous waters. You can travel over Waimea Bay, and the crystal clear cove of Hanauma Bay where you can visually plumb the depths over coral reef and abundant marine life below. On the southern end of the island there are flights over Pearl Harbor, which may be the only way to experience what that fateful day in 1941 would have been like. World War II history buffs will appreciate the same sky-views that fighter pilots had of this famous location and will get a closer look at the USS Arizona Memorial from above the harbor. The flights will give you views of Diamond Head, Waikiki Beach, Downtown Honolulu and Ko Olina’s bays and resorts. From the turquoise waters surrounding Chinaman’s Hat to its breathtaking mountains, Oahu is a picture-perfect holiday island and there is no better view of it than from above.

Kauai Tours

Fly beyond cliffs where no human has ever set foot and where the mountains and clouds meet. Glide over the clearest waters and reefs below at Haena Beach. Take in the red cliffs and hidden beaches of Honopu Arch, the golden shores of Kaupea, the jagged Na Pali Coast and the lonely lookout of Kilauea Lighthouse. Traveling though the movie tour over Jurassic Waterfall and weaving through Waimea Canyon, using the same passage where many film crews have captured shots, provide an unparalleled flight. From the highest ridges to the flourishing depths, your journey through the canyon ends with the glorious waterfall. You would certainly be remiss to forego seeing Kauai from its highest reaching mountain tops to over its blue ocean depths. This is certainly a must for anyone with an insatiable desire to see Hawaii’s most pristine landscapes.

Kauai from a Helicopter

Big Island Tours

Viewing volcanic lava first hand is something many school children can only imagine. On the Big Island it is not only possible, but the opportunity to hover yards above the seething red-hot molten lava is readily available for those adventurous enough to take the flight. Both children and adults alike can absorb the frightening and unfathomable beautiful of orange lava changing the shape of the island. You truly experience a once-in-a-lifetime moment by flying just feet above the open mouth of the Pu’u O’o volcanic vent and watching molten magma as it races in red streaks,  hissing when it oozes out of the mountain side, then steams into the ocean at the Coastal Eastern Rift. No other adventure will take you this close to an active volcano. Because of its varied landscapes, the Big Island also boasts of 5 types of terrain, the diversity of which is magnified when viewed from the air. From mountains to volcanoes, rainforests and colorful beaches, this is one of Hawaii’s most ideal places to vacation. On the Big Island’s helicopter tours, you can tower over the lush taro patches in Waipio Valley, soar over volcanic ash or brush up against graceful waterfalls crashing into the Kohala Coast. As far as helicopter trips go, the Big Island might be the most extraordinary yet.

Maui Tours

When you take the Maui flight, you will see more waterfalls than you thought could exist on one island. Many tourists find Maui to be an island of unparalleled romance and intrigue. This is never more keenly felt than when the landscapes and seascapes are experienced from the sky. Gliding above Kopiliua Stream, you will lose count of all the falls, inlets and idyllic pools of water adorning the lush rainforest. For a truly spectacular experience, fly to Manawainui Falls and watch the thick tree line lean over great green cliffs towering over the sea. Ascend up emerald walls streaked with the longest white falls you can imagine, soar just above the staggering edges where water cascades down the precipice. Maui is also home to Triple Falls, the legendary Seven Sacred Pools and idyllic Ohe’o Gulch.

Whether you venture into skies above the historic Iao Valley, soar above the ridges of red desolation at the Haleakala Crater or gaze at the miles of beaches at Paia on the North Shore, Maui will become your favorite Hawaiian island to travel to. Experience hovering above the Hana Highway’s winding roads between rainforest splendor, soar up into the wild mountains above the Olowalu Valley, drop into historic Lahaina or glide along the Ka’anapali coast. Your vacation would not be the same without the stunning views you witnesses from the sky.

Panda Travel ® is pleased to help you book the perfect trip to Hawaii, complete with flights, hotels, rental car and activity packages. We have been in the business over 35 years and are eager to help you find the greatest deals for your vacation. For more ideas to help you prepare for your visit to Hawaii, review our informative Travel Tips page.


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