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Are you traveling to, from or within Hawaii with a group of friends, your family or even business partners? Whether you’re going on a business trip or just vacationing, traveling to Hawaii makes for an excellent group travel experience. Making travel arrangements for 10 or more people can be both difficult and overwhelming. However. Fortunately, Panda Travel ® can help you with Hawaii group travel packages.

Panda Travel ® is a locally-based, full-service travel agency with more than 35 years of experience. We have helped put Hawaii group travel packages together for all occasions and budgets. Our senior agents in our group travel department are very experienced and offer personalized assistance for all of your travel plans.

Group Discounts

Here are the criteria for qualifying for group travel discounts. They include:

  • Travel for groups depart and return on the same flights, although some airlines allow small flight changes.
  • On most commercial airlines, there must be a minimum of 10 or more passengers to qualify for group travel benefits.
  • On Hawaiian Airlines, there must be 15 passengers or more. But there is only a minimum of 9 passengers to qualify for group travel benefits on inter-island flights.
  • The majority of hotels will give discount rates for groups. If asked, they will often provide pricing for single, double, triple and quadruple occupancy rooms as well.

Here are the benefits of arranging your group vacation to Hawaii through Panda Travel ®. You can save spaces on airlines and in hotels with only a minimal deposit. There is no need to pay in full or give traveler’s names until 45 to 60 days prior to traveling (with some small exceptions). You can exchange travelers should someone be unable to go at the last minute. And last but not least we take care of all the coordination and offer one stop shopping for your group’s travel needs.

Traveling in Groups of 6 or Less

Traveling with 6 or less persons in your group? With our new quick search online tool, planning your vacation to Hawaii through Panda ® Online is easier than ever before. You can find cheap and affordable deals on your group travel destination, along with anything else you could need. This includes airline tickets, lodging at hotels and resorts and car rentals on the islands. You can browse and book one of our wide selection of fun and exciting tours and activities to enjoy while you’re here.

If you have any questions, or need any additional information regarding your group travel plans, please call or email us.  One of our professional and knowledgeable travel agents will be happy to help arrange a custom travel package for you at an affordable price.

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