Hawaii Parks

Oahu While visitors know Oahu for  Honolulu, Waikiki and Pearl Harbor, it is also a haven of natural wonders. For those wanting more than typical attractions, there are recreational areas, parks, coastlines and historic heiaus to discover. Within Honolulu, visitors can explore Iolani Palace, the only royal palace in America, or hike the extinct volcanic crater Diamond Head. Moreover, there are also plenty of camping, trails and bike paths along the coast.  For this and more about Oahu, check the […]

Unique Places to See in Hawaii

Suggestions for Unique Places to See in Hawaii Traveling to the Aloha State and interested in unique places to see in Hawaii? If so, here are some suggestions for you. Surfboard Fence Surfing is a fundamental way of life for many people in Hawaii. Nevertheless, witnessing an entire fence of surfboards is an unexpected surprise off the Kaupakalua Road on Maui. Back in 1990, the fence designer wired his modest board collection to his fence. He did this after hearing […]

The Historic Banyan Tree of Lahaina

The island of Maui offers innumerable features and beautiful landscapes for visitors to enjoy. One of the more prominent areas in Maui is the historic town of Lahaina. The Hawaiians once called the area “Lele” meaning “restless sun.” Lahaina was once a popular whaling port in the 19th century. Here, ships would pass during the whales’ migratory months. To this day, it remains a prime whale watching spot and is a town full of character and significance. But besides these […]

Hawaii Vacation Tips

Need Some Hawaii Vacation Tips? Planning to visit the Aloha State?  If so, we have some Hawaii vacation tips for you. They can help you save some time as well as money. Oahu There is so much to do on Oahu. Stroll on Waikiki Beach. Explore festive Downtown Honolulu. Visit the World War II memorials. Get tickets ahead of time for Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona Memorial. Here are our Hawaii vacation tips for visiting the Arizona Memorial. First, […]

Honolulu Vacations

Things to See and Do on Honolulu Vacations Honolulu is a great place for travel, sightseeing and relaxation. Here is a sampling of the many things you can discover and do on Honolulu vacations. Honolulu, Sheltered Bay When one hears the name Honolulu, a tropical vacation is the first thing that comes to mind. But this Hawaiian city has depth and history far beyond the miles of beautiful shoreline and skyrise resorts. The word Honolulu comes from the Hawaiian term […]

Waikiki Vacations

Planning Waikiki Vacations Here are things you can contemplate on as well as see and do on on Waikiki vacations. Waikiki, Spouting Fresh Water Waikiki, named from the Hawaiian word for “spouting fresh water,” refers to the springs that once fed into swamp lands. The swamps separated Waikiki from the rest of Honolulu. Located on the south shore of Honolulu, Waikiki Beach is Oahu’s as well as Hawaii’s primary and most popular resort area. Today, Waikiki still holds true to […]

Waikiki Beach Vacation

Why Choose a Waikiki Beach Vacation? A Waikiki Beach vacation, the words are magic. Say them and images of palm trees, Diamond Head, white sand beaches and the blue Pacific come to mind. Even if you’ve never been there, you’ve probably seen movies, television shows and magazines about Waikiki Beach. Flickering torches, beautiful hula dancers and the sound of slack key guitars are parts of its ambiance. It’s a place recognizable around the globe. Why Vacation in Waikiki? A Waikiki […]

Star of Honolulu Dinner Cruise

As the evening approaches, the Star of Honolulu glides over serene blue waters into the breath-taking horizon. Fluffy white clouds turn to pink and fiery red in the setting sun. You and your family will be taken on a stunning journey across the Waikiki coastline. You can do all of this while watching skilled entertainers dance and sing. At the same time, you can enjoy a gourmet meal and indulge in the beauty of a Hawaiian sunset on the water. […]

Hawaii Surfing Vacations

Hawaii surfing vacations

Where are the best spots for Hawaii surfing vacations? That is a question we hear from many people planning to surf in Hawaii. For amateurs and experienced surfers alike, the Aloha State is the perfect place to learn or challenge well-honed skills. From gentle waves on Waikik beaches to the big surf on the Banzai Pipeline, each island provides unique surfing opportunities. No trip to Hawaii would be complete without experiencing surfing where it first began. Suggestions for Hawaii Surfing […]

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