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The Most Popular Attraction in Hawaii

Why Is This the Most Popular Attraction in Hawaii? According to rating sites, the Arizona Memorial is the most popular attraction in Hawaii. But the other attractions at this place are also very popular. Let’s examine why and why you should make the effort to visit one of the most important historic sites in the country. According to TripAdvisor, 4 out of the top 10 most popular tourist attractions in Honolulu are a part of or directly next to the […]

Frequently Asked Questions About Hawaii

Hawaii has been a part of the United States since 1898 and a state since 1959. But even knowing that, traveling to the Aloha State might not be like traveling to any other state in the nation.  As such, first time travelers may have some frequently asked questions about Hawaii. Some of the Most Frequently Asked Questions About Hawaii What are the time zone differences in Hawaii? Hawaii is unique among state in America that it has its own time […]

Attractions on Maui

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Because of its many attractions, Maui is one of the most vacation destinations in the world. The island features pristine seashores, unparalleled mountain vistas, world class hotels and verdant landscapes. Enjoy a vacation away from urban-area congestion? Like taking inspiring pictures of iconic natural settings? Or just appreciate kicking back on the beach? If so, you’ll definitely remember your time sent on the wondrous Valley Isle of Maui. Here are some of attractions on Maui that we recommend you see. […]

Visit Niihau, The Forbidden Island

Can You Visit Niihau? Many travelers to Hawaii ask the question: can you visit Niihau, the so-called Forbidden Island? Niihau is 70 square mile island remotely located 18 miles southwest of Kauai. So here’s the answer to the question of whether anyone can visit Niihau. The short answer is you can, but it’s not that easy. The History of Niihau The Robinson family heirs are owners of Niihau. They have quietly protected the island as well as its several hundred […]

The National Parks in Hawaii

Are there national parks in Hawaii? The answer is yes. And Hawaii has many of them that you should definitely see. Some say the National Park System is America’s best idea. We’d venture to say that many who have visited our National Parks throughout the country would agree. For a small state, Hawaii has a surprisingly large number of national parks, monuments and historical parks. They would assuredly complement your upcoming visit to the Hawaiian Islands. Here is an overview […]

Need a Passport to Travel to Hawaii?

Do you need a passport to travel to Hawaii? Even today, there are still quite a number of searches inquiring if a US passport is needed for travel to Hawaii. As evidence of this, there were as much as 100 searches on this subject every day. When Do You Need a Passport to Travel to Hawaii? The answer to this is somewhat simple. If you’re traveling direct to Hawaii from any other US state, you won’t need a passport. This […]

New Year in Hawaii

Celebrating the New Year in Hawaii There is no better way to say aloha to the future than by celebrating New Year in Hawaii. Visitors from all over the world congregate in Hawaii to kick off a new season with joy, hope and laughter. Whether you plan to watch fireworks or party all night, spending New Year in Hawaii will be memorable. Check out the list below for things you can enjoy on each island. Oahu The Gathering Place of […]

Traveling to Hawaii During the Holidays

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Holiday Tips for Traveling to Hawaii As the holidays are quickly approaching, many families are planning to go to the mainland to visit family or vice versa, loved ones are planning trips to Hawaii. It’s best to strategically plan ahead to ease the anxiety of traveling during the peak season especially if you have young ones with you. Here are a few tips for traveling to Hawaii that can help. Travel on Less Busy Days Avoid the rush by not […]

Farmers Markets on the Big Island

Dragon fruit, one of the items you can get at Big Island famer's markets.

The Farmers Markets on the Big Island There is an abundance of farmers markets on the Big Island. Wherever you are on the island, there are farmers markets where you can sample an array of fruits and vegetables. Below are the farmers markets on the Big Island that you should check out on your next trip there. Hilo Farmers Market Hilo Farmers Market is one of the most popular farmers markets on the island. You’ll find it on the corner […]

Enjoying Biking in Hawaii

Biking in Hawaii.

Biking in Hawaii is one of the great ways to explore the Aloha State. When touring on a bike, travelers can see more of Hawaii’s beauty than they can on foot. Biking also minimizes pollution, offer mobility at a great price and helps burn those extra calories. An Overview of Biking in Hawaii Travelers to Hawaii are not likely to bring their own bicycles with them on vacation. But that is perfectly fine because there are plenty of rental companies […]

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