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Caves in Hawaii

Mysterious Caves in Hawaii Although most know Hawaii for breathtaking views, you can find some of its most wondrous sights inside caves. From mountainous caverns to sea caves and lava tubes, caves in Hawaii are mysterious and fascinating. Visitors to Hawaii can spend an afternoon discovering one or more of these striking caves in Hawaii. Caves on the Big Island Thurston Lava Tube Nestled in the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park on the Big Island, Thurston Lava Tube is a 400-foot […]

Beautiful Hawaiian Flowers

Hawaiian flowers.

Types of Hawaiian Flowers Travelers to Hawaii can attest that the air smells sweet as soon as you step off the plane. Hawaii is famous for its unique flowers with brilliant colors and luxurious fragrances. Below are some of the most iconic Hawaiian flowers. Hibiscus This yellow variety of this iconic flower is the official State flower for Hawaii. With variations of pink, red, purple, golden and orange, the hibiscus flower is used for many occasions. This includes hair adornments, […]

Aquariums in Hawaii

Why See the Aquariums in Hawaii? The Hawaiian Islands are a tourist’s paradise for both indoor and outdoor activities. On such activity is observing marine life. Do you appreciate marine life and want to know where the aquariums in Hawaii are?  If so, read on. Whether in the water or admiring behind the glass, there is a wealth to learn about Hawaii’s ocean life. While visiting Hawaii, travelers would be remiss to skip one of the many world-class aquariums in […]

Hawaiian Rainforests

Hawaii rainforests

Part of what makes the Hawaiian Islands such an alluring destination is its wide variety of landscapes. Some of the State’s most mysterious areas are the Hawaiian rainforests. Deep in its dense forests lies adventure and history for bold explorers to uncover. Every island has its own rich acres of Hawaiian rainforests. They come complete with streams, plummeting waterfalls, tropical plants and exotic animals. Whenever you plan your trip to Hawaii, be sure to add a forest hike to your […]

Visit Molokini Island

Three miles off the coast of Maui’s lies Molokini, one of the most popular islets in Hawaii. You can find this small volcanic island in the Alalakeiki Channel between Maui and Kaho’olawe. Appearing almost unreal in its blue surroundings, this islet spans nearly 23 acres rising 160 feet above sea level. Here’s how you can visit Molokini and what you will find there. History of Molokini A volcano created Molokini over 230,000 years ago. Researchers have found many archaic fishing […]

Hiking and Rock Climbing in Hawaii

Hiking and rock climbing in Hawaii.

Places for Hiking and Rock Climbing in Hawaii Interested in hiking and rock climbing in Hawaii? Hawaii is truly the perfect vacation destination. It can provide soothing relaxation for those who want to rest. But it can also offer fun for families who enjoy the great outdoors and enough adventure for thrill-seekers. Prefer to think outside the box or want more adventure than the typical tours advertise? If so, traveling to Hawaii will prove to be just the journey you […]

Volcanoes in Hawaii

Viewing active volcanoes in Hawaii is a major tourist activity in Hawaii. As the Hawaiian Islands are all comprised of volcanoes, these mountains are a key element of Hawaii’s culture. Tales of volcanoes appear in Hawaiian myths, hula, folklore and songs. There are three kinds of volcanoes. The composite volcano has a large symmetrical cone shape with steep sides. Cinder cones come with gas-charged lava exploding powerfully in the air. Then its lava crumbles into cinders landing in a circular […]

Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles

Some of the world’s most fascinating creatures make their home in the ocean. Hawaiian green sea turtles are ancient creatures. They have been around since prehistoric times and are one of the five species of sea turtles native to Hawaii. Facts about Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles Although its common name is green sea turtle, the Hawaiian name for this marine reptile, is honu.  Honu make their habitat in temperate tropical waters all over the globe, including Hawaii. They are shy […]

The Historic Banyan Tree of Lahaina

The island of Maui offers innumerable features and beautiful landscapes for visitors to enjoy. One of the more prominent areas in Maui is the historic town of Lahaina. The Hawaiians once called the area “Lele” meaning “restless sun.” Lahaina was once a popular whaling port in the 19th century. Here, ships would pass during the whales’ migratory months. To this day, it remains a prime whale watching spot and is a town full of character and significance. But besides these […]

Maui Ocean Center

Green Sea Turtle at Maui Ocean Center

Visiting the Maui Ocean Center Hawaii vacations open the door to whole new world, above and underneath the deep blue sea. There is nothing like exploring Hawaii’s rich aquatic life by swimming, snorkeling or scuba diving. If you love the ocean, you can also enjoy a more intimate tour of the marine life by visiting the Maui Ocean Center. Planning a romantic getaway or a family vacation? If so, here are few great reasons why you should consider adding this […]

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