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Nature & Animals

How to Enjoy Bird Watching in Hawaii

Bird watching in Hawaii

Bird watching in Hawaii is a wonderful way to spend your vacation in the Aloha State. Each Hawaiian Island has its own collection of avian residents. They present amazing opportunities for bird-lovers to observe a relatively small number of unique species. There are 285 species of birds in Hawaii found nowhere else in the world. While Hawaii only has .25% of the land mass in the US, it has over 25% of the endangered species in the country, many of […]

Hawaii’s Endangered Species

Hawaii’s endangered species are constantly being threatened. A few years ago, the American Bird Conservancy declared Hawaii as the most threatened bird habitat in the United States. The state comprises less than 0.2% of American soil. But nearly one quarter of the nation’s endangered species of animals, birds and marine mammals are in Hawaii. This makes Hawaii the “endangered species capital of the world.” According to the Hawaii Wildlife Center, extinction is a serious threat to numerous animal groups living […]

Preserving Hawaii’s Natural Beauty

Chinaman's Hat, one of the many roadside attractions on Oahu.

With millions of visitors traveling to Hawaii every year, it is a wonder that verdant rainforests still flourish, waterfalls can be enjoyed in solitude and fresh fruits can be plucked off of wild trees.  However, there is an on-going battle to protect the natural resources and beauty of the Hawaiian Islands. Despite its still stunning natural beauty, the Hawaiian Islands have a very sensitive and fragile ecological state. As many of its endemic lifeforms have developed in isolation from the […]

The Kukui Nut Tree in Hawaii

kukui nut lei

The official state tree of Hawaii is the kukui nut tree or kukui tree, known elsewhere as the candlenut tree. The kukui nut tree is considered one of a number of so-called canoe plants, which was originally brought by the Polynesians who brought seeds with them when they sailed from the South Pacific in their voyaging canoes to make a new home Hawaii. The kukui nut tree has large silvery-green leaves, can grow up to 80 feet in height and […]

Whales, Sharks and Seals in Hawaii

Hawaiian waters host some of the most beautiful sea creatures on earth. From the colorful ecosystem of the thriving coral reef to the abundance of tropical fish, the seascapes in Hawaii are full of dynamic marine creatures. Among these are varies stunning sharks, whales and seals. Below are some interesting facts you may not have known about these unique animals. Whales Whale watching is such a popular pastime, that it is one of the top visitor activities in Hawaii. The […]

Memorable Hawaiian Waterfalls

The waterfalls of the Hawaiian Islands are far too numerous to count. Tucked in quiet jungle inlets or displayed prominently across great landscapes, Hawaii residents and tourists from around the world enjoy exploring these majestic falls. Below are listed some of the most glorious waterfalls featured in the Aloha State. Kauai Waipo’o Falls: Waimea Canyon is referred to as the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific;” so it is no surprise the double-tiered 800-foot Waipo’o Falls would be equally as astounding. […]

Reef Fish in Hawaii

The Hawaiian Islands attract some of the most skillful divers in the world. With dynamic underwater seascapes, scuba divers and snorkelers will find themselves in a haven of reefs writhing with brightly colored fishes. One thing that makes Hawaii such a unique place to dive is that 20% of Hawaiian reef fish cannot be found anywhere else in the world. One interesting factor to note is that most fish in Hawaii are referred to by their Hawaiian (and in some […]

Coral Reefs in Hawaii

Coral reefs are some of the most complex and stunning seascapes on earth. They are incredibly fragile ecosystems often referred to as the “rainforest of the sea,” created by the skeletons of millions of small marine invertebrates. Ever-expanding, the reefs are home to thousands of fish and many other diverse types of marine life. Reefs can be severely damaged by excessive soil runoff, which is the primary threat to Hawaii’s reefs as well as by contaminants in the water. For […]

Tropical Fruits in Hawaii

tropical fruit

When one pictures the ideal Hawaii vacation, it usually includes sandy beaches, sunshine, cool drinks and delicious foods. Though the Hawaiian Islands are replete with award-winning restaurants, some of the most scrumptious foods can be plucked right off the trees or vines. Sampling some of the locally grown tropical fruits will certainly add a hint of wild island flavor to your vacation. Whether you pick up these fresh island produce at a farmers’ market, have them in the form of […]

Manta Rays in Hawaii

Off the Kona Coast, Hawaii Island

Off the coast of the Hawaiian Islands, hundreds of unique sea creatures are teeming beneath the waves. Various kinds of honu (green sea turtles), dolphins, sharks and reef fish make it a popular snorkeling and scuba diving locations. However, one of the most exhilarating experiences both tourists and locals can enjoy is taking the plunge into vast waters to see the majestic manta rays swim. Manta rays are giant eagle rays from the Manta genus. The word manta comes from […]

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