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Bird Watching in Hawaii

Bird watching in Hawaii

Bird watching in Hawaii is a wonderful way to spend your vacation in the Aloha State. Each Hawaiian Island has its own collection of avian residents. They present amazing opportunities for bird-lovers to observe a relatively small number of unique species. There are 285 species of birds in Hawaii found nowhere else in the world. While Hawaii only has .25% of the land mass in the US, it has over 25% of the endangered species in the country, many of […]

Endangered Species in Hawaii

There are many endangered species in Hawaii. A few years ago, the American Bird Conservancy declared Hawaii as the most threatened bird habitat in the United States. Over ten species of birds have gone extinct in the last 30 years alone in the State. Hawaii’s endangered species include over 30 types of birds. The state comprises less than 0.2% of American soil. But nearly one quarter of the nation’s endangered species of animals, birds and marine mammals are in Hawaii. […]

Preserving Hawaii’s Natural Beauty

Hawaii's Natural Beauty

With millions traveling to Hawaii, it is a wonder that its forests still flourish and beaches remain clean. However, there is an on-going battle to protect Hawaii’s natural beauty. The Battle to Protect Hawaii’s Natural Beauty Despite its stunning beauty, Hawaii is a very sensitive and fragile ecological state. Much of its endemic life developed in isolation. As a result, many native Hawaiian species are highly vulnerable to outside influences. Because of this, Hawaii has lost more native species than […]

The Kukui Nut Tree in Hawaii

Background of the Kukui Nut Tree in Hawaii The official state tree of Hawaii is the kukui nut tree or kukui tree. It’s known elsewhere as the candlenut tree. Historians consider the kukui nut tree in Hawaii as one of a number of “canoe plants.” This because the Polynesians brought such seeds with them in canoes when they first came to Hawaii. The kukui nut tree in Hawaii has large light-green leaves. It can grow up to 80 feet in […]

Whales, Sharks and Seals in Hawaii

Whales, sharks and seals in Hawaii.

The Story of Whales, Sharks and Seals in Hawaii Hawaiian waters host some of the most beautiful sea creatures on earth. From the thriving coral reef to  tropical fish, it’s full of dynamic marine creatures. Among these are variety of whales, sharks and seals in Hawaii. Below are some interesting facts you may not have known about these fascinating animals. Sharks Kamohoali’i is the shark god in Hawaiian mythology. Tattoos, guitars and ukuleles have images of sharks as symbols of […]

Memorable Hawaiian Waterfalls

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Hawaiian Waterfalls by Island Hawaiian waterfalls are far too numerous to count. Tucked away in secluded valleys or viewed across great landscapes, tourists can enjoy exploring these majestic falls. Below are some of the most beautiful Hawaiian waterfalls in the Aloha State. Kauai Waipo’o Falls: Waimea Canyon is referred to as the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific.” So it’s no surprise the double-tiered 800-foot Waipo’o Falls would be equally as astounding. For closer views, take the Canyon Trail between mile […]

Reef Fish in Hawaii

The Hawaiian Islands attract some of the most skillful divers in the world. With breathtaking underwater seascapes, divers will find themselves in reefs full of brightly colored fishes. Diving in Hawaii offers a unique experience. As evidence of this, you will not see 20% of reef fish in Hawaii anywhere else in the world. Here’s another interesting point about reef fish in Hawaii. Most people call fish in Hawaii by their Hawaiian, and in some cases, Japanese, names. Depending on […]

Coral Reefs in Hawaii

Coral reefs in Hawaii

Coral reefs are some of the most complex and stunning seascapes on earth. They are incredibly fragile ecosystems created by the skeletons of millions of small marine invertebrates. Ever-expanding, the coral reefs in Hawaii are home to thousands of fish and many types of marine life. The primary threat to Hawaii’s reefs are excessive soil runoff and contaminants in the water. For these reasons, the Coral Reef Initiative and the Hawaii Coral Reef Networks protect coral reefs through research and […]

Fruits in Hawaii

An Overview of Fruits in Hawaii When one pictures the ideal Hawaii vacation, it usually includes beaches, sunshine, drinks and delicious foods. Although Hawaii has many great restaurants, you can get some of the best foods right off the trees or vines. Sampling some of the locally grown tropical fruits will certainly add flavor to your vacation. Whether you get them at a farmers’ market or pick them on farm tours, there are no other better ways to enjoy tropical […]

Manta Rays in Hawaii

manta rays in Hawaii

Off the coast of the Hawaii, unique forms of sea life teem beneath the waves. Its wide range of marine life make Hawaii a popular snorkeling and scuba diving location. However, one of the most exciting underwater creatures to see are the manta rays in Hawaii. Manta Rays Manta rays are giant eagle rays from the Manta genus. The word manta comes from the Portuguese word for cloak. This is because fishermen once used blankets or cloaks for catching rays. […]

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