Honey in Hawaii

Big Island Bees Honey

Tasting Honey in Hawaii Throughout time, people have used honey as a delicious dessert topping, sweetener and medicinal ointment. Not only useful as a sugar-replacement, honey is a remedy for scrapes, dryness and even arthritic pain. When ingested, honey promotes immune system health and digestion. It’s even a cure for seasonal allergies and works as an anti-inflammatory agent. Honey is delicious on toast, muffins, cakes, yogurt, blended drinks and hot beverages. Hawaii has a number of prominent honey-producing companies. Here […]

Farmers Market on Molokai

Molokai farmers markets

While there is only one farmers market on Molokai, you can still buy fresh produce directly from the farms. Molokai is one of the state’s largest suppliers of organically grown papayas. You can even sample local aquaculture products directly from Molokai’s fish ponds. Dive in and experience some of the island’s finest farms and farmers market on Molokai. The Only Farmers Market on Molokai The Molokai Farmers Market is only farmers market on Molokai.  You can find it on Ala […]

Farmers Markets on Kauai

Why Visit the Farmers Markets on Kauai? Kauai is known for its friendly people and spectacular landscapes. And at farmers markets on Kauai, visitors can sample the island’s most delicious produce. Whether you are craving a papaya, mango or kalua pig, you can get them at the farmers markets on Kauai. Hanalei Farmers Market On Kauai’s north shore, the Hanalei Farmers Market is a must-see for visitors in the area. Held on Saturday near Hanalei, vendors sell anything from local […]

Farmers Markets on Maui

One of the roadside attractions on Maui.

Visiting Farmers Markets on Maui Maui has farms and plantations all over the island. Here, they grow a wide range of fresh produce like dragon fruit, pineapple, onions, lavender, coffee and grapes. Maui’s farmers regularly gather at open air markets to sell their produce. You can purchase the freshest of their products by visiting farmers markets on Maui. Upcountry Farmers Market Arguably the most famous farmers markets on Maui, Upcountry Farmers Market is open every Saturday. Here, over 50 vendors […]

Farmers Markets on Oahu

Farmers market in Honolulu

On the island of Oahu, there are places visitors can sample the freshest produce from local farmers. Here, they can also view the works of some of the best local artists and craftsmen. And tourists can do all of this at the farmers markets on Oahu. Honolulu Markets Kapiolani Community College Farmers Market The Kapiolani Community College Farmers Market is one of the largest farmers markets on Oahu. It’s on the north side of Diamond Head crater. Here, sample kalua […]

Chocolates in Hawaii

Companies that Make Chocolates in Hawaii Few may know Hawaii is the only state that grows cacao, the key ingredient in chocolate. The island of Oahu boasts a number of renowned chocolate makers. What sets Hawaiian chocolate apart is its unique and distinctive flavor. Below are places on Oahu where you can sample some of the finest chocolates in Hawaii. Honolulu Chocolate Company The Honolulu Chocolate Company begins mixing chocolate at 6 am daily. Selling more than 100 products, they […]

Where Can You Get Shave Ice in Hawaii?

Mom and pop stores in Honolulu.

Shave ice in Hawaii is an iconic treat made from fluffy ice closely shaved off a block of ice. Those who are unfamiliar with this sweet snack might erroneously refer to it as “shaved ice.” But people in Hawaii simply call it shave ice. Additionally, some people mistakenly confuse shave ice with snow cones. However, snow cones come from ice that is crushed, rather than from ice shaved off a block. Shaving, rather than crushing, allows the ice to layer […]

Fruits in Hawaii

An Overview of Fruits in Hawaii When one pictures the ideal Hawaii vacation, it usually includes beaches, sunshine, drinks and delicious foods. Although Hawaii has many great restaurants, you can get some of the best foods right off the trees or vines. Sampling some of the locally grown tropical fruits will certainly add flavor to your vacation. Whether you get them at a farmers’ market or pick them on farm tours, there are no other better ways to enjoy tropical […]

Portuguese Sweet Bread in Hawaii

Portuguese sweet bread

Hawaii offers a melting pot of cuisines with Asian, Polynesian, American and European influences. A number of prominent dishes trace their origins from such diverse influences. Examples include: saimin, lomi salmon, loco moco and many others. But one of the most delicious and popular of such foods is Portuguese sweet bread in Hawaii. When It Came to Hawaii During the late 19th century, Portuguese immigrants arrived in Hawaii from the Madeira and Azores islands. These Portuguese immigrants primarily worked on […]

Great Brunch Places on Oahu

Where to Find Brunch Places on Oahu Oahu, the  “gathering place,” seems like the ideal spot to enjoy a brunch with family and friends. With the endless brunch options in Honolulu, it doesn’t seem necessary to venture outside of the city. However, some of Oahu’s best brunch menus can be found in all corners of the island. From the North Shore to its leeward side, you will surely find a wide range of brunch places on Oahu. Hukilau Cafe The […]

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