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Our Favorite Las Vegas Restaurants

Here are some of our most favorite Las Vegas restaurants. We know people from Hawaii love Las Vegas buffets because they’re cheap, you can eat a lot, and for the most part, they’re good. Mostly, people from Hawaii eat either in Downtown or on the Strip. But sometimes they venture beyond the Strip and Downtown and sample the many fine eating establishments along Spring Mountain Road. The better ones on Spring Mountain Road mirror many Asian-oriented restaurants back home in […]

Satisfying Hawaiian Appetites in Las Vegas

Satisfying Hawaiian appetites in Las Vegas can be a fun as well as fulfilling experience. We all know that Las Vegas is one of the favorite place for people from Hawaii to visit. And Hawaii people love to go to Las Vegas to, of course, gamble; but also to shop at the many outlet malls and also to eat. We all know about eating at buffets and some of them are really good; but many only offer volume but not […]

Exotic Fruits Found in Hawaii

poha berry

The next time you’re visiting the Aloha State of Hawaii, we encourage you to take the time to try some of the most exotic fruits that you can find anywhere.  Below is a small sample of what you can find during your next Hawaii vacation. Poha berry:  Yellowy-orange and round, these small berries are delicately surrounded by what looks like a wispy golden leaf coverlet. Because of their unusual beauty, the berries are often added as a garnish to savory […]

Restaurant Week Hawaii in Honolulu

Eat great food like this on Hawaii luxury vacations.

When weather in other states become bleak, Honolulu jazzes up November with Restaurant Week Hawaii. The week is a celebration of Hawaiian cuisine and cultural diversity. It offers promotions, special menus, group dining offers and discounts at participating restaurants. During the event, over 60 establishments showcase their best dishes in Honolulu. Here are just some of the great reasons to dine out during Restaurant Week Hawaii: Promote Hawaii’s Tourism and Local Businesses By dining at participating restaurants, you support upcoming […]

Top 10 Foods To Try in Hawaii

Part of the fun of traveling is being exposed to beautiful elements of culture that you would not otherwise have experienced. The Hawaiian Islands are a paradise where the outdoor activities and adventures are endless and many of the local foods reflect this. After you explore the Hawaii’s many attractions, why not visit some of the best restaurants and shops on the culinary tours or sample fresh produce from farmer’s markets. As you experience new kinds of cuisine, make sure […]

Honey in Hawaii

Honey has been celebrated for centuries as a delicious dessert topping, sweetener and medicinal ointment. Not only useful as a natural and healthy sugar-replacement, honey is a remedy for skin ailments such as infections, wounds, cuts, scrapes, dryness and even arthritic pain. When ingested, honey also has been known to promote immune system health, digestive health, a cure for seasonal allergies and even works as an anti-inflammatory agent. Honey is delicious topped on toast, muffins, cakes, yogurt, blended drinks and […]

Farmer’s Markets on the Big Island

On the most expansive of the Hawaiian Islands, there is an abundance of farmer’s markets across the Big Island. Wherever you and your family may be staying on your vacation, there are certain to be markets in your region of the Big Island where you can sample an array of delectable cuisine, tropical fruits and vegetables. Below are a few of the farmer’s markets that may be among the most popular and could be well-worth stopping by during your trip […]

Farms and Farmers Markets on Molokai

While there is only one farmers market on Molokai, you can still buy a wide range of farm and aquaculture products directly from a number of suppliers as well as tour their unique operations. Molokai is home to one of the state’s largest suppliers of organically grown papaya and you can even sample local aquaculture products directly from Molokai’s fish ponds. Dive in and experience some of the island’s finest Hawaii farmsteads on your next trip to Molokai Purdy’s Natural […]

Farmers Markets on Kauai

Nothing compares to biting into a fruit plucked off the tree, but as few hotels can boast of banana trees or coconut palms within reach, the next best option is to buy fruit fresh from a nearby farmers market. Kauai is known for its friendly people and spectacular landscapes, and at the island’s farmers markets, visitors can mingle with Hawaii residents and sample the land’s most delicious crops.  Whether you are craving a papaya, mango or pineapple or want to […]

Farmers Markets on Maui

One of the most alluring aspects of Hawaii is the matchless landscape of the misty mountains and lush green valleys. Farmers from around the world have found both the nutrient soil and the perfect balance of rain and sunshine in the Hawaiian Islands to comprise ideal farming opportunities. Maui in particular has farms and plantations all over the island, growing a wide range of fresh produce like dragon fruit, pineapple, onions, lavender, coffee and grapes. As Maui’s farmers regularly gather […]

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