Poke in Hawaii

Poke in Hawaii

More than ever before, the Hawaiian raw fish dish, poke, is reaching heights of trendiness it’s never seen before. In this blog, we attempt to answer the following questions about poke in Hawaii: What is poke? Where can you find poke in Hawaii? Why is poke so popular today? How can you make poke at home? What Is Poke? Poke is pronounced as a two syllable word. So unless you won’t mind strange looks from locals, don’t pronounce as a […]

Where to Buy Fresh Fish in Honolulu

Places to Buy Fresh Fish in Honolulu If you wanted to buy fresh fish in Honolulu, where would you go? If you’re a visitor, most likely you’d go to a restaurant in Waikiki. Or maybe you’d frequent one of the more prominent eating establishment in town, like Roy’s, Alan Wong’s or Chai’s. But what if you want to get fresh fish and prepare it on your own? If so, we suggest you check out some of the places below. Oahu […]

Mom and Pop Places in Honolulu

Mom and pop places in Honolulu.

Favorite Mom and Pop Places in Honolulu Many places throughout America have mom and pop places that are popular among local residents. Hawaii is no different. What’s different about Hawaii is that, in many instances, you can’t find places like these anywhere else in the country. Despite their unremarkable outward appearances, these establishments serve outstanding food and snacks at very reasonable prices. In fact, many of these mom and pop outlets have high ratings on consumer review websites, such as […]

Farmers Markets on the Big Island

Dragon fruit, one of the items you can get at Big Island famer's markets.

The Farmers Markets on the Big Island There is an abundance of farmers markets on the Big Island. Wherever you are on the island, there are farmers markets where you can sample an array of fruits and vegetables. Below are the farmers markets on the Big Island that you should check out on your next trip there. Hilo Farmers Market Hilo Farmers Market is one of the most popular farmers markets on the island. You’ll find it on the corner […]

Omiyage from the Mainland

Several years ago, Hawaii people traveling on the Mainland were purchasing and then hoarding jars of Speculoos Cookie Butter. And they were buying them as omiyage from the mainland for their friends and relatives back home in Hawaii. What’s Omiyage? So you ask, what’s omiayge? Omiyage is the Japanese custom of buying small gifts when traveling for your friends and relatives back home. Many people from Hawaii, having been influenced by a lot of things from Japan, have adopted this […]

Our Favorite Las Vegas Restaurants

We know people from Hawaii love Las Vegas buffets because they’re cheap, you can eat a lot, and for the most part, they’re good. Mostly, people from Hawaii eat either in Downtown or on the Strip. But sometimes they venture beyond the Strip and Downtown and sample the many fine eating establishments along Spring Mountain Road. The better ones on Spring Mountain Road mirror many Asian-oriented restaurants back home in Hawaii. Here, you can find some of our favorite Las […]

Satisfying Hawaiian Appetites in Las Vegas

Options for Satisfying Hawaiian Appetites in Las Vegas Satisfying Hawaiian appetites in Las Vegas can be a fun as well as fulfilling experience. We all know that Las Vegas is one of the favorite place for people from Hawaii to visit. And Hawaii people love to go to Las Vegas to, of course, gamble; but also to shop at the many outlet malls and also to eat. We all know about eating at buffets and some of them are really […]

Exotic Fruits in Hawaii

An example of exotic fruits.

Some of the Exotic Fruits in Hawaii The next time you’re there, take the time to try the exotic fruits in Hawaii. Below is a small sample that you can find during your Hawaii vacation. Mountain Apple Like many exotic fruits in Hawaii with the name apple in it, the mountain apple is not really an apple. Neither does it taste like one. The Polynesians originally brought the mountain apple to Hawaii centuries ago. Most people eat the fruit raw, […]

Restaurant Week Hawaii in Honolulu

Eat great food like this on Hawaii luxury vacations.

When weather in other states become bleak, Honolulu jazzes up November with Restaurant Week Hawaii. The week is a celebration of Hawaiian cuisine and cultural diversity. It offers promotions, special menus, group dining offers and discounts at participating restaurants. During the event, over 60 establishments showcase their best dishes in Honolulu. Here are just some of the great reasons to dine out during Restaurant Week Hawaii: Hawaii’s Tourism and Local Businesses By dining at participating restaurants, you support upcoming generation […]

Foods to Try in Hawaii

Top Ten Foods to Try in Hawaii Part of the fun of traveling is trying different foods. After you explore the Hawaii’s many attractions, why not visit different restaurants, take culinary tours or sample fresh produce from farmer’s markets. As you look for new culinary experiences, make sure you consider our top ten foods to try in Hawaii Loco Moco No list of foods to try in Hawaii would be complete without the iconic loco moco. A power-packed bowl of […]

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