Whaling in Lahaina

Maui is home to innumerable whales in the winter season. However, the ocean around this island was not always a peaceful whale breeding area. Maui’s town of Lahaina was once the busiest whaling port in the Pacific Ocean. Here’s an overview of whaling in Lahaina and the impact it had on the Hawaiian Islands. When Whaling in Lahaina Began Whaling in Lahaina started in the 1820’s when over 100 ships annually would visit this port. Captains on year-long whale hunts […]

The Menehune

What’s a Menehune? The folklore and mysticism of Hawaii would be incomplete without the story of the Hawaiian menehune. According to legend, the Hawaiian menehune were small people ranging from 6 inches to 3 feet in height. But, they had muscular, stocky bodies able to handle hard labor. They worked with great agility and skill. They were said to have large eyes, low humming voices and would only come out at night. Similar to the leprechauns of Ireland, the menehune were […]

Facts About Hawaii

Some Fun Facts About Hawaii Here are some fun facts about Hawaii, the Aloha State. Learning more about America’s 50th State can even make your next trip to Hawaii more interesting. State Nickname The Aloha State is the primary nickname for Hawaii, as officially added by the 1959 State legislature. The fact that Hawaii is a state may be one of the most important facts about Hawaii. Believe it or not, some still think Hawaii is not a state or […]

Aloha Shirts

Flowers, palm trees and birds are just some of the print designs you can find on Aloha shirts. Although people from the mainland call them Hawaiian shirts, the proper term for it is aloha shirt. There are generally two kinds of aloha shirts. The first is the type of shirt typically worn by local businessmen, which is printed, usually short sleeved and collared, having buttons through the full shirt. The second style is the silky looking aloha shirt. Tom Selleck […]

Hawaiian Luaus

Since ancient times, the Hawaiians used luaus as means to celebrate special occasions. People all over the world choose to celebrate bridal showers, rehearsal dinners or graduations. But in the Aloha State, it common to celebrate special and memorable events with Hawaiian luaus.  Originally “luau” did not refer to a gathering or feast, but rather to young edible taro leaves. But later, the word luau became associated with an entire festive occasion. Now, foods and entertainment once solely associated with […]

Hawaiian Lei

Example of Hawaii letis

Leis have become one of the most well-known Hawaiian symbols for commemorating special events. However, Hawaiian lei making as well as giving and wearing leis are deeper than just mere symbols. Hawaiian Lei Traditions This tradition came from Polynesian voyagers who traveled to the Hawaiian Islands by canoe. Leis are incredibly varied. While most make them from flowers and leaves, people can also make leis from shells, seeds, nuts and feathers. In the past, were even made from human finger […]

Things to Do in Hawaii

Example of Things to Do in Hawaii Interested in traveling to the Aloha State and wondering about interesting things to do in Hawaii? Been to the Aloha State before or looking into your very first trip? Don’t fret. There are thousands of places to go, sites to see and unique activities to participate in. If you don’t have anything in mind yet, don’t worry. For those of you who aren’t sure what sort of locale to pick, we have a […]

Visit Historic Sites on Maui

Things to do on Maui.

Why Visit the Historic Sites on Maui? Maui’s rich history and unique folklore leads back to around 1,000 AD when the Polynesians first sailed to the Hawaiian Islands. Today, visitors have an opportunity to learn about the Island’s deep roots by exploring its many historical sites. Whether you enjoy visiting museums or archeological sites, Maui offers a wide range of historic locations to choose from. To make the most out of your trip, don’t forget to add the following historic […]

Culinary Tours in Hawaii

Brunch places in Honolulu.

You know the saying, “when in Rome, do as the Romans do.” The same applies to Hawaiian vacations.  Have you ever traveled where most eateries are familiar chain restaurants? Vacation is a time to indulge in exotic dishes. So try new flavors and do things out of the ordinary. And then eat like the locals do. Here are the culinary tours in Hawaii where you can do things like this. There are a number of notable culinary tours in Hawaii. […]

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