Lua: Hawaiian Martial Arts

Throughout history, warriors protected their homeland though self defense techniques. Israelis developed street fighting called krav-maga. The Japanese created martial arts like jujutsu and karate. While ancient Persians taught koshti in the Middle East to defend their land. The ancient Hawaiians developed kapu kuialua or merely lua, meaning double hits. This Hawaiian martial arts, focused on breaking the bones and joints of one’s opponent. “Huna A Mea Huna” This Hawaiian phrase means keep secret that which is sacred. This motto […]

Valentine’s Day in Honolulu

Valentines Day in Hawaii.

Spending Valentine’s Day in Honolulu is a privilege for all who are lucky enough to be there. For those on Oahu, here are some ideas of how to make the most of this glorious day. Start with a Bouquet or Lei No other place in the world smells as fragrant or flower-filled as Hawaii. With its abundance of natural flora, there are many flower adornments to choose from. Think beyond the typical dozen red-roses and go for something more creative. […]

Museums in Hawaii

Bishop Museum

Opportunities for Visiting Museums in Hawaii There are numerous museums in Hawaii delighting anyone who loves history, science or culture. From military museums to Polynesian cultural centers and Hawaiian art galleries, there are a variety of options for you to explore. So for those interested in them, here are useful suggestions on museums in Hawaii. Oahu Honolulu is the place to be for historic landmarks and museums. The award-winning Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum is one of the largest museums in […]

Christmas Parades in Hawaii

Christmas Boat Parade

Christmas Parades in Hawaii by Island Spending Christmas in the Aloha State? If so, enjoy the season by attending one of the many Christmas parades in Hawaii. Delve into Christmas by watching beautifully decorated trees and floats march to the tune of Christmas carols. Sip cocoa with your friends and family. Listen to the bells jingle as the streets become alive with festive lights and songs. Each of the Hawaiian Islands offers Christmas tree lighting ceremonies and parades. So it’s […]

Visiting Hawaii in December

Christmas tree - Honolulu

Visiting Hawaii in December – Pros and Cons While winter weather in parts of the US can be frightful, Hawaii can offer an escape from the cold. Many people may not know that December is a prime time to travel to Hawaii. The holidays are popular months to visit the islands. During this time, tropical flora continues to grow, beaches still sparkle, and festivities abound on every island. As a result, visiting Hawaii in December can be the best time […]

Thanksgiving in Hawaii

Thanksgiving in Hawaii

Celebrating Thanksgiving in Hawaii Vacationing during the holidays can often leave families uncertain of how to celebrate them. For those spending Thanksgiving in Hawaii, we have compiled a list of different events and dinners on each island. Oahu From the glittering North Shore to Waikiki, Oahu has plenty of Thanksgiving Day activities and outings. Start the day off with a Turkey Trot in Honolulu. Here, attendees can run 10 miles and burns calories in advance of Thanksgiving dinner. Another way […]

Hawaiian Artwork

The Significance of Hawaiian Artwork Those who know the Aloha State understand the significance of Hawaiian artwork to its culture. From the ancients to today’s resident artists, Hawaii has produced an array of stunning art works. You can see this in the form of koa wood carvings, feather designs, coconut weavings and kapa bark cloth. You’ll also see it in scrimshaw etchings, woven leis, petroglyphs, sculptures, quilts, prints and painted landscapes. The styles of art in this state are as […]

Coconuts in Hawaii

The word Hawaii inspires images of coconut trees gently swaying over white beaches and blue waves. This makes it difficult to believe that coconuts are not indigenous to the islands. Polynesian settlers brought these trees to Hawaii hundreds of years ago. And coconuts in Hawaii flourished in area’s tropical climate and lush soil. The coconut trees or nui in Hawaiian are palms that can reach up to 100 feet in height. Their nuts have a fibrous exterior and can take […]

The History of the Ukulele

Hawaii is a true melting pot of many ethnicities. They range from those with Hawaiian ancestry, from Asian backgrounds as well as those from Europe, including Portugal. During the late 19th century, men and women immigrated from the Portuguese islands of Madeira and Azores to the Hawaiian Islands. This migration lasted from 1878 to 1913, bringing many of the Portuguese influences evident in Hawaii today. Some of these items have become iconic aspects of Hawaiian culture, whether it is in […]

Hawaiian Wedding Traditions

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Interested in learning more about Hawaiian wedding traditions? If so, you’ve come to the right place. In Hawaii, a wedding, or ho’ao pa’a, celebrates two lives joining together in a commitment of love. Modern Hawaiian weddings have meshed with western traditions. But wherever the location, there still remains a fair amount of traditional Hawaiian customs in wedding ceremonies in Hawaii. The Kahu A kahu (a local minister or holy man) often officiates the ceremony. This person escorts the groom to […]

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