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Unique Places to Go in Hawaii

Surf town of Paia, home to Maui Craft Guild

Surf town of Paia, home to Maui Craft Guild [Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) / Tor Johnson].

Surfboard fence:   It is common knowledge that surfing is a fundamental way of life for most Hawaiians. Nevertheless, witnessing an entire fence of surfboards is an unexpected surprise off the Kaupakalua Road on the island of Maui.  Back in 1990, the fence designer wired his modest board collection to his fence, after hearing rumors of an impending hurricane’s approach.  He then continued to expand the line of boards into what is the longest fence of retired surf-boards, numbering nearly 600.  Because the landmark has become such a popular site, many people contribute to the fence by dropping off their old boards for the cause.  Visitors in Maui should keep their eyes open for this artistic property off the Kaupakalua Road.

The Vintage Cave:  A Honolulu hot spot called The Vintage Cave is not only a restaurant of the most elite luxury, but is also a club of renowned exclusivity.  Its chefs create artistic plates reflective of native Hawaiian dishes, plants and flavors.  Visitors would be well-advised in advance about the menu pricing before they make dinner reservations, as this restaurant’s finery begins at $295 per plate.  Interested parties can also join The Vintage Cave’s club for membership fees beginning at $50,000.  Unsurprisingly, this restaurant is the most exclusive venue in Hawaii.

Kapoho Tide Pools:   Snorkeling is always an exquisite way to explore underwater seascapes, and on the shores of Kapoho on the Big Island, some of the tide pools are geothermally heated.  Since these tide pools can be incredibly warm, they cultivate a diverse population of marine plants and fish.  The snorkeling area extends almost 200 yards into the ocean, creating a wide expanse to explore.

Three Ring Ranch Exotic Animal Sanctuary:  For kids and families who enjoy seeing unique animals from all over the globe, this sanctuary in Kailua-Kona on the Big Island is a must-see for all!  By enjoying the educational activities and games, visitors can learn about a plethora of exotic animals, as well as native Hawaiian creatures.  One of the most notable is Zoe the golden zebra who was born on the Hawaiian Islands.  She has golden-blonde stripes, bright blue eyes and is only known golden zebra in captivity.  Other creatures you may find are leopard tortoises, pueos (Hawaiian owls), axolotls (Mexican salamander) and mongooses to name a few.

Volcano Winery:  This unusual Big Island winery is known for making their wine blends from the fermented juice of tropical fruits, honey, nuts and grapes.  They are appreciated for other creative blends including, the guava wine, jaboticaba berry and grape wine,  as well as macadamia nut wine.  They also sell other features such as beautifully carved wine holders, wooden coasters, salt boxes and Volcano Winery glasses.  The winery is open every day and charges a minimal fee of $5 to $8 for visitors to taste their delicious Hawaiian blends.

Big Island Bees:  This family owned bee-keeping farm produces some delicious Hawaiian honey which visitors and locals alike would do well to experience. With over 190 million bees on the property, the Big Island Bees Company makes raw honey from flora like macadamia nuts, wilelaiki blossoms and white ohia lehua, to name a few.  In addition to this, they have a body care line made from honey and bee products, beekeeping tours and a free on-site museum where you might catch a glimpse of ornately carved beehive sculptures.

Maui Crafts Guild:  Located in the town of Paia, off the Hana Highway, visitors can add this stop to their winding road travel.  The Maui Crafts Guild is the only artist-owned gallery stocked exclusively of crafts and creations from Maui artists.  Shoppers can enjoy seeing anything from hand-made paper, ceramics, wooden sculptures, prints and mixed media to jewelry, pottery, baskets, kimonos, beads, wall hangings and bowls.  Many of the featured items are reasonably priced items, making the perfect souvenir created by local residents on your vacation to Hawaii.


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