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Unique and Exciting Experiences in Hawaii

Watching lava flow in Hawaii

The Aloha State can be a paradise for those seeking unusual and exciting experiences.   The abundant natural beauty of the Hawaiian Island can often make such adventures an even more unique experience.  Plus, a number of such activities are truly unique to Hawaii on their own merits.

Volcano Helicopter Tours – Hawaii is one of the few places in the world where you can see an active lava flow actually flowing into the sea.  Amazingly, the current volcanic activity on the Big Island of Hawaii has been active for well over 33 years. When hot lava meets the sea, there is an explosive reaction that only relatively few people in the world can experience close up.  One of the easier and safest ways to experience the force and power of Hawaii’s volcanoes is through one of the many helicopter tour operators on the Big Island. Among such operators are Circle of Fire Helicopter Adventure and Blue Hawaiian Helicopters.

Na Pali Coast Tours – The Na Pali coast on the western end of Kauai has served as the visually stunning and scenic backdrop of movies such as Jurassic Park, The Lost World and Six Days/Seven Nights.  You can visit this remote, and arguably one of the most beautiful sea cliffs in the world, by helicopter or by boat.  There are a number of a helicopter tour, traditional boat as well as Zodiac raft operators that will give you differing perspectives views of the verdant greenery of the seaside cliffs, rugged coastline, sea caves and secluded white sand beach coves of the world famous Na Pali coast.  Those that desire a bird’s eye view of the area should definitely go on the helicopter tours.  While those who want to get a closer, more intimate look of the area and even swim and snorkel off the coast and beaches, should take the boat or Zodiac raft tours.  Some of the operators that offer tours of the Na Pali coast include:  Kauai Eco Helicopter Adventure, Captain Andy’s Na Pali Snorkel Sail and Na Pali Snorkel Expedition.

Fluming – The Hawaiian Islands that once supported sugar cane plantations were lined with a network of irrigation tunnels, ditches and flumes that transported water from various sources to the fields.  Hawaii no longer has active sugar cane operations; but a number of these tunnels, ditches and flumes are still used to provide a truly unique way of seeing the island from the perspective of what the early plantation managers and workers used to see during sugar’s heyday in Hawaii. A number of operators offer kayak or tube rides through these irrigation systems though an activity now known as fluming.  Examples of flume ride operators include Flumin’ Kohala on the Big Island of Hawaii and Kauai Backcountry Adventures on Kauai.

Hawaiian Parasailing  – Parasailing is the practice of strapping a parachute-like contraption to a fast moving boat which has dangling seats into which parasailers can be strapped. As the boat moves in the water, the parasail rises in the air taking its passengers on a thrilling ride in the sky about 800 to 1,200 feet above Hawaiian waters.  One of the most popular places for parasailing in Hawaii is right off Waikiki. Some of the parasailing operators in Waikiki include H2O Sports Hawaii, Paradise Watersports – Hawaii and Parasailing Ride Service.  There are also parasailing operators in Lahaina and Ka’anapali on Maui, such as West Maui Parasail, as well as operators in Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii, such as UFO Parasail.

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