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Saving Tips: How to Plan a Cheap Vacation to Hawaii

Sunset in Hawaii

Vacationing in a paradise like Hawaii is often an experience most people only dream about.  Fortunately, with a little foreplaning and some professional help from a travel agent, visitors to the Aloha State can find ways to afford a seemingly extravagant holiday on a limited budget.  Here are some of our most helpful saving tips for planning a cheap vacation to Hawaii.

Book a vacation with a travel agency.  Often travel agents have access to flights, hotels, rental cars, ground transportation, inter-island airfare and activity deals that are priced lower than those found individually online.  Not only can working with a travel agent save you the headache of scrolling through flight times and hotel options, but they can provide you with promotions and special package deals, all while saving you valuable time.  Ever heard the phrase “time is money?”  The adept and cheerful travel agents at Panda Travel ® are eager to help you and your family book the Hawaiian vacation of a lifetime.

Go for package deals.  All-inclusive resorts  provide a wonderful opportunity to pay ahead of time, so when you are actually enjoying your time in Hawaii, you won’t have to worry about your travel budget any longer.  Sometimes resorts offer family deals that includes some meals, which will end up saving you some money in the long run.  Food in Hawaii can be expensive, so if you can get a package with an all-inclusive resort, one of your travel expense can be sorted out ahead of time.

Choose accommodations with a mini kitchen.  Another money-saving option is to ask your travel agent to help you find accommodations that include a kitchen.  This will give you and your family the option of shopping at the local farmer’s markets  and being able to prepare the food at home.  If you struggle to find a hotel that suits your needs, ask your agent from Panda Travel ® about beach bungalows, rental apartments or condos that come with a kitchen.

Purchase your tickets in advance.  This might sound obvious, but unless you are looking for an instant spontaneous getaway, try to buy your ticket several months ahead of your trip.  If you have flexibility on dates, flights departing on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday may often be cheaper than flights on Friday to Monday as those are prime travel days.  If you can, book a trip to Hawaii during the off-season months of January, February, May, September and October which generally have cheaper rates.

Make use of the free activities in Hawaii.  There are plenty of community fairs, markets, festivals, local events, live music concerts, hikes, gardens, and beaches that won’t cost you a dime to explore.  Discuss priorities with your travel companions on what you would be willing to splurge on and then be frugal the rest of the time.  One of the reasons why the Hawaiian Islands are some of the most popular vacation destinations in the world is that simply being there may be enough.  Just because you are on vacation does not mean you need to rack up your credit card bill.  Enjoy the natural wonders Hawaii has to offer, and you will have a more peaceful travel experience as well as be more likely to return home without buyer’s  remorse.

Take advantage of being a senior.  If you are a senior, let your travel agent know.  As Hawaii can be considered a senior friendly location, you would be surprised to find special a wide range of deals and discounts offered on hotels, activities and meals to our more seasoned travelers.

Use the free shuttle services.  Taxis can be very expensive in Hawaii, so enjoy the good weather and walk wherever you can, or try to take public transportation.  Check with your hotel concierge to see if they offer free shuttle services to and from the airport as well as to and from major shopping centers and activities.


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