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Important Things to Do in Hawaii

black sand beach in Hawaii

Vacationing in Hawaii is a blissful dream come true and here are ways to make your trip even more smooth and rewarding.

Bring the right attire: Some people assume Hawaii is always sunny and warm, but that is not always the case. The winters can often be wet and rainy. So be sure to bring a light water-resistant jacket and umbrella during such times. Hiking in the higher elevations, such those that can be found on Maui and the Big Island, can sometimes be below freezing and will require a decent jacket and good hiking boots. Whether you are walking on sidewalks, trails or near the ocean, make sure you are always wearing an appropriate type of footwear. Even the sand can get extraordinarily hot, burning bare feet. Coral, broken glass and thorny branches can cause painful foot injuries; so wearing rubber slippers or beach footwear is always a good idea.

Respect private property: Not every guide book will mention that a certain trail, waterfall or garden is on private land; so before you go trekking into the unknown and potentially creating problems you definitely don’t want to deal with, especially on your vacation, make sure to check with your concierge or tour guide on where you can go and where you should not.

Follow signage and warnings:  If signs say no diving, no swimming, keep away, stay on the trail or similar, you should never doubt that they were definitely put there for your own safety. Tragically, many of those that have disregarded such warnings have either died or have gotten severely injured. Taking such risks is definitely not worth it and will definitely ruin your Hawaii vacation plans.

dangerous sea cliff sign in Hawaii

Wear sunscreen: Sun exposure in Hawaii is often stronger than tourists anticipate. It is easy to accidentally get burned and then have to spend long hours recovering indoors, while everybody else is having a lot of fun in the sun. So before you go outside, make sure you have a layer on sunscreen on and then keep a bottle in your bag to make sure you can reapply as often as needed.

Protect Hawaii’s natural environment:   There is nothing as tempting as bringing a little bottle of black, green or red sand from the colorful Hawaiian beaches. People find beautiful pebbles, unique shells or volcanic rocks that they stash away in their bags before they head back home. In addition to being subject to severe fines, many people believe that stealing sand or shells from Hawaii bring bad luck, causing these items to be shipped back to Hawaii every year in hopes of breaking the curse.   Additionally, do your part in protecting the magic and beauty of these islands by not leaving your trash at beaches, parks and trails.

Protect your personal property: Hawaii is an idyllic place, but like everywhere else, it is not immune to crime. There is no way to guarantee that your purse or personal items left on the beach or park bench will be there when you get back. Likewise, if you leave your iPad or camera on the driver seat of your car in plain sight, you are tempting any would-be thieves to break in and steal them. Thefts do occur at public places; so be sure to carefully conceal any valuable items you leave behind in your car or simply keep them locked within your hotel safe.

Respecting wildlife:   If you are fortunate enough to happen upon a beautiful honu grren sea turtle, Hawaiian monk seal or nene goose, be sure to keep your distance. These gentle and endangered creatures can be easily disturbed or frightened; so be sure to admire them only from afar as violators can be subject to severe fines.

green sea turtle on Hawaii beach

Be a part of Hawaii’s ohana: One thing people that most love about Hawaii is the trademark aloha spirit that so many of the local residents possess. To make the most of your trip to Hawaii be sure to be gracious, patient and treat others with dignity and respect. It’s the best way to be in harmony with your surroundings and get the most out of your vacation to the Hawaiian Islands.


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