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Favorite Las Vegas Restaurant

Las Vegas

OK we know that people from Hawaii love Las Vegas buffets because they’re cheap, you can eat a lot, and for the most part, they’re good.  Mostly, people from Hawaii eat either in Downtown or on the Strip.  But sometimes they venture beyond the Strip and Downtown and sample the many fine eating establishments that can be found along famous Spring Mountain Road.  The better ones on Spring Mountain Road mirror many Asian-oriented restaurants that can be found back home in Hawaii.  Probably, they’re a little bit cheaper and possibly, a little bit different taste-wise, but nonetheless, still very good.

The staff at Panda Travel ® has frequented many of the fine dining outlets on Spring Mountain Road and believes that one of the best places to eat here is the izakaya, called Abriya Raku, or simply Raku.  It’s a relatively small and understated establishment; but the type of Japanese food that is served here is simply exquisite and their food definitely has a unique umami that can’t be matched in many other places.  No wonder Raku has some of the highest Las Vegas restaurant ratings on Yelp.  We especially like their agedashi tofu, which we understand they make themselves from scratch, their sumptuous grilled onigiris and their kurobuta pork cheek.  Famous Hawaii food celebrities, such as Nalo Farms’ Dean Okimoto, says that Raku is his favorite restaurant in all of Las Vegas.  As someone, who hangs with the best of Hawaii’s culinary elite, we definitely share in his expert opinion.

An added nice feature of the restaurant is Raku’s bathroom, which features a built-in aquarium and a unique waterfall-like faucet.  In our opinion, Raku has the nicest restaurant bathroom we’ve ever seen.  And if you’re in need of some omiyage, you can purchase Raku’s very own brand of shoyu, which they also make from scratch and is among the best we’ve ever tasted.  They also package it in a very nice gift bag; so it’ll make a very nice omiyage for some of your more cherished friends and relatives.

As all with most good things in life, it’s not that cheap.  But it’s really good.  Ask Dean if you’re still not sure.


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