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Hawaii Travel Checklist

Making a Hawaii travel checklist could go a long way in being well prepared for any upcoming to the Aloha State. Such a list can make the entire process more enjoyable by preventing unnecessary stress caused by having to spend time procuring necessities instead of enjoying all that Hawaii has to offer. The Basic Hawaii Travel Checklist As with any travel checklist, the most basic necessities are the most important. Of course, the basics can vary depending on your travel […]

Which Island in Hawaii Should You Visit?

family on Hawaii beach watching ocean

Which island in Hawaii should you visit? Each Hawaiian island has its own special character, distinguishing landscape and variety of activities to entice visitors which keep them coming back for more. And even though each island has something for everyone, they can be more suitable for one type of traveler than another. Travelers Who Don’t Have Much Time Particularly if it’s your first time and pondering the question of which island in Hawaii should you visit, the island of Oahu […]

Which Hawaiian Island Should You Visit?

Hawaii is a very popular vacation destination; however, many first time visitors, not being familiar with the Islands, end up traveling to the destination that would have been most suitable for what they would like to get out of their Hawaiian experience. Each of the Hawaiian Islands has its own character and has its own special variety of experiences to offer. So let us help you answer the question of which Hawaiian Island should you visit on your next Hawaii […]

Getting Married in Hawaii

couple kissing on hawaii beach after getting married

Getting married in Hawaii is something that many couples may consider to be the ideal way of starting their relationship with their spouse. A Hawaiian wedding can be anything you want: elegant, private, intimate or even extravagant. And all of this can be had in the most striking settings such as on the edge of a cliff overlooking the crystal clear waters of the Pacific, a verdant tropical botanical garden or the elegant ballroom of a world-class luxury hotel. Despite […]

Suggestions on What to Wear in Hawaii

couple wearing hawaiian clothing on the beach

If it is your first time, you might not know what to wear in Hawaii. The weather in Hawaii is tropical and mild, with temperatures ranging from 78 to 88 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit at night. With such consistency throughout the year, as you might expect, there isn’t a lot variety in clothing that becomes necessary; however, there are still some recommendations which can be helpful for new travelers. What to Wear in […]

Suggestions for Enjoying Biking in Hawaii

biking on hawaiian road

Biking in Hawaii is one of the great ways to explore the Aloha State. When touring with a bike, travelers can see more of the beauty that Hawaii has to offer than they can on foot. Doing so can help keep Hawaii pristine by not adding pollution, provide great mobility at a highly affordable price and help you burn all those extra calories from tasty Hawaiian cuisine, snacks and deserts. An Overview of Biking in Hawaii Travelers to Hawaii are […]

Seasonal Hawaii Activities for Travelers

Sun surfer. A man is walking with a surf in his hands across the sea shore.

There is a wide variety of seasonal Hawaii activities in which you can participate in and even more ways relax and enjoy your vacation. From spring, to summer, fall and winter, the Aloha State is a tropical paradise that always has a surprise around every corner. Sampling of Seasonal Hawaii Activities Spring – This may be one of the ideal times to visit, as the rainfall lessens with trade wind continuing to bring cooling breezes. Spring typically brings the end […]

Unique and Exciting Experiences in Hawaii

Are you a person seeking unusual and exciting experiences in Hawaii? If so, the rugged natural beauty of the Hawaiian Islands can potentially fulfill your quest for unique forms of excitement. Here is sampling of the exciting experiences in Hawaii that could be of interest to these seeking new adventures. Volcano Helicopter Tours Hawaii is one of the few places in the world where you can see an active lava flow actually flowing into the sea.  Amazingly, the current volcanic […]

How to Enjoy Deep Sea Fishing in Hawaii

close up of deep sea fishing gear

Here’s information on those interested in deep sea fishing in Hawaii. Fishing is more than a sport in Hawaii. For centuries, it has been a means of survival and is deeply rooted in the Hawaiian culture. Even today, there are many Hawaiians who depend on the bounties of the ocean as part of their daily diet. That is not to say that recreational fishing has no place in Hawaii. On the contrary, fishing is a very popular way of enjoying […]

How to Plan Hawaii Vacations on a Budget

Who plans Hawaii vacations on a budget? Some may not want to; but many have to out of necessity. Traveling cost to Hawaii may be higher than traveling to other places in the US or to international locations. However, visitors to the Aloha State can take their travel dollar a little further through some cost cutting strategies. It is no fun returning from vacation and then contend with the stress of paying a big credit card balance. To this end, […]

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