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Taking Advantage of Top Free Things to Do in Hawaii

Hawaii is a place where there is certainly a lot of things to do and see. But many may not know that some of the Hawaii top attractions can be visited at no cost. Here are some of the top free things to do in Hawaii. The Arizona Memorial, One of the Top Free Things to Do in Hawaii The USS Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor on the island of Oahu is a part of the multi-state World War II […]

Which Hawaiian Island Should You Visit?

Hawaii is a very popular vacation destination; however, many first time visitors, not being familiar with the Islands, end up traveling to the destination that would have been most suitable for what they would like to get out of their Hawaiian experience. Each of the Hawaiian Islands has its own character and has its own special variety of experiences to offer. So let us help you answer the question of which Hawaiian Island should you visit on your next Hawaii […]

Hawaii Photography Tours

Hawaii is, without question, one of the most picturesque regions anywhere in the world and it is this natural beauty that makes it an ideal location for a photography tour.  Each island offers unique opportunities for photographers, no matter what the level of expertise, to take part in Hawaii photography tours which have the potential to produce amazing pictures and memorable experiences. Types of Hawaii Photography Tours Tours are usually led by professional photographers who offer a variety of packages […]

Why You Should Visit the Museums on Oahu

Bishop Museum

Here’s why you should visit one of the museums on Oahu. Home to two-thirds of the population of the Aloha State, Oahu is home to an extensive list of museums which are dedicated to the history, culture and/or art of the Hawaiian Islands as well as of Polynesia. As Oahu is the most visited island in the State, visitors should definitely take advantage of their stay here by visiting some or all of them. The Bishop Museum, One of the […]

Inexpensive or Free Things to Do on Oahu

There are many inexpensive and even free things to do on Oahu, Hawaii’s most populated island. In areas like downtown Honolulu or Waikiki there always seems to be something going on. It can be live music, concerts, light shows, markets or fairs. Nature lovers coming to Hawaii can also easily find adventures right up their alley. Oahu offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy many type of activities at very little or no cost. As a result, it makes it possible […]

Petroglyphs of Hawaii

Puako Petroglyphs Park

Petroglyphs The word petroglyph means stone carving. The Hawaiian word for these carvings is ki’i pohaku, meaning image stone. These are carvings made by ancient Hawaiians into rough lava rock. The artists would use sharp tools and stone hammers to chip away at the rocks in thin lines, etching the pictures by scraping repeatedly until the markings were sufficiently deep. A petroglyph might be a carving of anything from humans to sailing, canoes, fish hooks, animals and unspecified inscriptions. Many […]

Hawaii Parks

The state of Hawaii is comprised of numerous islands, each with their own distinct landscapes and parks. From empty craters to active volcanoes, plummeting waterfalls and lava rock tide pools; the Aloha State is home to some of the most varied national and state parks in the United States. Explore each island for a breakdown of what natural beauties await you in Hawaii. Oahu Though Oahu is best known for hosting the state capital of Honolulu, the beautiful Waikiki Beach, […]

Unique Places to Go in Hawaii

Surfboard fence:   It is common knowledge that surfing is a fundamental way of life for most Hawaiians. Nevertheless, witnessing an entire fence of surfboards is an unexpected surprise off the Kaupakalua Road on the island of Maui.  Back in 1990, the fence designer wired his modest board collection to his fence, after hearing rumors of an impending hurricane’s approach.  He then continued to expand the line of boards into what is the longest fence of retired surf-boards, numbering nearly […]

The Historic Banyan Tree of Hawaii

Base of Moreton Bay Hawaii fig tree

The unique island of Maui offers innumerable features and beautiful landscapes for visitors and locals to enjoy. One of the more prominent areas in Maui is the historic town of Lahaina, which was once called “Lele” meaning “restless sun.”  Lahaina was once famed for being a popular whaling port in the 19th century, when hundreds of ships would pass through the waters during the whales’ migratory months throughout the year.  To this day it is still one of the prime […]

Waikiki Travel and Vacations

Waikiki Besach

Waikiki, Spouting Fresh Water Waikiki, named from the Hawaiian word for “spouting fresh water,” refers to the springs that once fed into swamp lands separating Waikiki from the rest of Honolulu. Located on the south shore of Honolulu, Waikiki Beach is Oahu’s as well as Hawaii’s primary and most popular resort area. Today, Waikiki still holds true to its name, as it is a spring for fresh new expressions of island traditions. Waikiki History and Fun Facts During the 1800’s, […]

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